Ecommerce Business Growth

Ecommerce Business Growth

Every owner of a small business aspires to own a big business. Those who own small companies are probably interested in knowing how to grow their business and take it to the next level. Perhaps the question is where they should start. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a viable way to utilize the internet and reach multiple clients.

A Look into SEO

Before starting a Search Engine Optimization campaign, an entrepreneur should understand how it works. With that said, search engines refer to the major way through which consumers search for services and products on the internet. If your business is not listed on the search portal, you are missing out on potential deals. To be part of the campaign, you can pay for your website to be advertised so that it ranks among the top brands on the search listings. Here are more reasons why e-commerce needs search engine optimization.

SEO Creates Traffic

Of course, consumers will always visit your website if they are the target audience. In fact, there are greater odds of them becoming frequent buyers. When it comes to E-commerce SEO in business, the numbers drive traffic. For every 200 clients visiting your website, five could be moving towards purchasing. A properly implemented E-commerce SEO will drive traffic towards your website.

Reducing Your Overhead

Small to medium-sized businesses are devoting 12% of their incomes towards digital marketing. Some channel this amount to advertising through buying space for product advertising while others target popular websites. While it may sound like these businesses spend a lot of money, there is more than meets the eye. Such investments are pretty beneficial. They are also rewarding given that these businesses evolve.

Specific Advertising

Who are your clients? E-commerce SEO brings your clients to your door. While everyone can create an interactive website for their business, it becomes difficult to know exactly who can shop from those websites. With SEO, this is made easier because it integrates keywords into content. When a client searches for certain products on Google, they will find yours first. Rather than looking for leads, your leads will look for you.

Brand Exposure

When clients want to find a business, they search online. Since they trust Google to show them the searches, they can locate some of the leading service providers by typing particular keywords. In such instances, your website needs to be listed on different occasions and searches that relate to your business sector. That way, people searching for your services will recognize your brand. Overall, SEO services will provide you with priceless brand exposure.

Strong Segmentation

Traditional marketing has been in the business industry for decades. The use of printed newspapers, television ads, and billboards is, however, costly. Even though they scream for attention, they need more conviction to acquire it. That is why e-commerce ranking in Google is now embraced by most business professionals. Naturally, it attracts clients seeking your products and services. It also allows you to disintegrate segmentation into different pieces units including location, device, and landing pages.

The Five Rules of SEO Implementation

Apart from the benefits of SEO to E-commerce businesses, there are five major rules that should be followed for successful implementation.

Technical Tips

Your title tags should be properly done. Perhaps you need to advise your SEO technicians to use about 60 characters. From these characters, your visitor should know exactly what he or she gets by clicking the link. The title tag must fulfil the promise of the content. These technical tips should also help a user to narrow down his or her navigation in a specific category. A good illustration would be a client selecting a designer piece of jewellery. You should allow such a client to remove navigation selections instead of using repetitive back buttons.

Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization helps your business gain your desired attention irrespective of the initial purpose for creating the website. Therefore, the creation of SEO is crucial keyword selection. There are also several tools available to help you acquire raw data. With that said, it is also essential to select your target.

Competitor Research

Now that you have done your keyword research, you should look into your competitor’s research. While at it, consider looking at the keywords they are going for. List the words and highlight the dominating ones. Also, do their websites contain a higher page authority than yours? While at it, look at their site architecture. What is it like? How easy is it to navigate? These questions will offer answers to help in your ranking on Google.

The Search Bar Should be Reachable

After conducting the searchers, show the results through the engines. Also, make sure that the search bar remains reachable to users while maintaining the question for significant modification. It is also crucial for the implementation of the website to be more particular and refined. Refining the browser helps clients to navigate while seeking your services and products. It also increases your ranking on Google.

Detail Your Orders

When making an order, make sure your confirmations are accurate. Include all product details to ensure that the buyer makes the right selection. If a client orders a wrong size, you should be able to correct it before the arrival of the package. That is an additional selling point. These techniques should help you run your e-commerce sites smoothly.


The benefits of SEO in e-commerce cannot be underrated. If you are a business professional, this article is meant to guide you in getting the right tools for your e-commerce business. Whether you have started working on the optimization of your website or not, you should comprehend the benefits of using Search Engine Optimization tools to attract visitors to your website. It is also important to apply unique strategies alongside the highlighted rules in website development. Other than that, e-commerce highly depends on the nature of the content created. Therefore, come up with attractive content that suits the needs of your clients.

Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Bookkeeping Services For The Small Business

Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Bookkeeping Services For The Small Business

Even the smallest of businesses always handle some aspects of finance on a day-to-day basis. Startups and family-owned companies could use the services of accountants to track expenses, income, and taxes. Proper bookkeeping overall helps a business to reach its full potential. However, not all business owners realize the value of keeping their books in order until they are behind on a couple of payments or facing tax issues.

Depending on the way a business operates it might prove beneficial to update account books on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. The reality is that no company that can exist without the proper administration of business funds, and the only way to figure out if this is happening is by recording these transactions as frequently as possible. Day to day bookkeeping for the small businesses is a key business need. 

What Is The Role Of Bookkeeping For A Small Business?

Bookkeeping essentially refers to handling the financial data of business with aspects of accounting and record keeping functions. More prominent corporations often have dedicated finance and account departments to manage these aspects, but for the mid-sized to small business sometimes it is impractical to have a full-time accountant onboard. It has given rise to the rise in outsourced bookkeeping with most companies getting these services from offshore firms.

While most small businesses start off with handling their finances internally, they soon realize that they need a professional to manage certain elements. Some of the other reasons why the small business should consider getting outsourced bookkeeping include:

  • Freeing Up Employee Time

When there is no dedicated accounts department or a full-time accountant to deal with business finance, the task often falls on non-accountant employees. They usually have to split time between balancing the books as well as performing their regular work duties. Often, these employees do not have sufficient bookkeeping skills and it also usually leads to workload fatigue.

However, outsourcing the services of a bookkeeping firm or hiring a financial manager on a need basis takes the load off employee time.

  • Uphold Transparency

Every business must have up to date account books. They often detail correct entries detailing payables, receivables, tax information, and every other financial aspect. Making account entries might seem like a straightforward task, but a foresight on a missed entry can create a myriad of issues for business.

That is why it is essential to make sure that a business hires a licensed Certified Professional Accountant to manage their finances. Hiring an expert in the field means that they are well versed with ensuring accuracy when bookkeeping and can catch on to any discrepancies early enough. Transparent bookkeeping, in the long run, can save a business from litigations arising from tax issues and in the worst case scenario closures.

  • Keep Up With Tax Laws

Keeping account books goes beyond giving a business insight into their finances. It is also a way to make sure that the company operates within the stipulated tax laws. These laws keep changing frequently, and for anyone who is not a dedicated accountant, it becomes difficult keeping track of them mainly in the case of a business that experiences exponential growth.

A finance manager can make sure that the business stays tax compliant and keeps up with the changing regulations. They can also make suggestions about elements that need changes related to financial legislation.

  • Meeting Financial Obligations

Businesses always have expenses and payments that they need to meet from time to time. It can become overwhelming for a startup who often have to wait a considerable time to receive payments from clients. Accounting firms can handle the process, and they are able to prioritize as well as schedule payments appropriately.

Tasking the professionals with the payment process also limits the likelihood of making costly payment mistakes.

  • Liability Cushion

When any business comes under the scrutiny of the law, it is always related to their bookkeeping. When contracting accounting firms, most often guarantee their work by accepting liability in the case of discrepancies that might arise.

While it does take a bit of the liability off of the business, such instances can end up tying the company’s capital for lengthy periods. Therefore, it is vital to carry out some due diligence before settling on any accounting firm.

  • Financial Forecasts

A good financial expert can quickly pick up on every aspect of a company’s economic image. That means that they can work on upcoming budgets to project the performance of the business. Making these financial analyses can keep a business on track and also enables the planning of future expansions.

Proper forecasting also enables a company always to have appropriate inventory as well as have enough funds to cover payroll, taxes, and other financial obligations.

Bookkeeping Frequency

The smaller business might not have huge expenses like the big corporations which need to have an in-house dedicated accounts department. That gives the startup the liberty to get financial services on a need basis. However, it still raises the question about the frequency of bookkeeping and whether a weekly, fortnightly or monthly schedule works best.

To reiterate, it all depends on the business operations and the nature of the market the company serves. For instance, a small business that sells products on a daily basis would need to make daily entries detailing the sales, payments owed to suppliers, and other expenses. These are aspects that employees can enter on an automated system but it would still take the services of a financial manager to balance the business books on a weekly or fortnightly schedule.

The business that does not have daily expenses might find it more convenient to update their books on a weekly or fortnightly basis. A sole proprietor who perhaps sells wares they make off of a home-based workshop might need the services of an accountant on a monthly basis to help with tax issues.

To sum it up, bookkeeping is an essential aspect of every business regardless of size. Working with a finance manager goes beyond simple bookkeeping, and they can offer valuable business advice on how to handle financial activities. When working with an accounting firm, a business can always reach out to them for professional guidance when the need arises.

How to decide on Spray Booth Treatments for your industry? 

How to decide on Spray Booth Treatments for your industry? 

A paint booth helps industries obtain a pristine finish for the products that can be painted in different colours. A spotless finish is important since customers will be choosy and no one wants to rework the same piece due to the time and effort consumed in the process. Therefore, it is essential that your paint booth can work at optimal efficiency and to ensure that you should have the paint booth serviced by a professional at regular intervals. Also remember that a defective paint booth can be the health hazard for you and your employees, apart from your products not receiving the desired finish. In some instances, a defective paint booth can also cause environmental hazards. Therefore, it helps to understand potential trouble spots with spray booths and be an informed customer, if you are considering installing a new spray booth.



Early warning of trouble with your spray booth

Once you have a program of routine checks at an interval of few weeks, you can avoid many of the problems without shutting down the spray booth for several days for spray booth maintenance. The following are among the early warning signs outside your spray booth itself:-

When you notice one or more of these signs, the first thing to check out is the ventilation around the system. Fumes and toxic vapours from the spray booth can be the underlying cause of the problems listed above.

Uneven or improper finishing
If you notice the drying cycles taking longer time or the final few coats of paint sprayed showing contamination with dirt or debris or running off, that is the first sign of trouble inside the booth needing the service of a professional.

Harmonious functioning
You can ensure optimal productivity from the spray booth when it is fully harmonized with every component. Malfunctioning even one component can result in complete breakdown or poor finishing. The following areas should receive your attention every day to ensure this.

  • Ensure proper sealing of the booth to prevent dangerous vapours and fumes escaping and affecting the environment as well as people around.
  • Check the calibration and function of all equipment starting with the jets to the computerized functions.
  • Check the filters and ensure that they are clean every day
  • Ensure effective air circulation and airflow

Why the filters are important

One of the major causes of improper functioning of your spray booth is clogged filters. If you inspect the filters at regular intervals, potentially, you will save time and money, apart from expensive repairs and downtime.

Rely on the professionals

You now have a broad idea of the functioning of your spray booth, and it is always desirable to rely on the services of professionals whenever you notice trouble spots that are beyond simple cleaning and tidying up. Ignoring minor trouble or trying to fix things up with in-house resources can be the invitation to more serious problems that could inconvenience you and your customers. When a professional takes charge, he/she can warn you of any impending problem so that you can take necessary steps without causing inconvenience to your customers.
Now, we move on to get a close-up view of spray booths and how you choose one for your industry.

The role of spray booths in modern-day manufacturing

Spray booths have significantly contributed to modern day manufacturing helping cost-effective production. These boots are designed in a way that they can accommodate products of varying sizes from very small components to semi trucks and large assembly lines as well as intricate furniture. While helping businesses to streamline production, spray booths also ensure the safety of employees and the environment around the workspace, control over contamination, hazardous material spilling over and many other associated health issues.

Classification of spray booths

Generally, spray booths are offered in 3 distinct configurations with each of them created to cater to specific applications. Booths with an open face, a back wall and two side walls with a ceiling for exhaust is a popular variant when you are focusing on furniture finishing, woodworking or a range of smaller components. Another variant is the non-pressurized booths which are closed completely with multiple or single door to accommodate varying sizes of material needing finishing. This variant comes in handy for metal work, automotive finishing, fibreglass and similar applications. The next variant is pressurized booths which are similar to a non-pressurized variant in terms of shape and size. But, this variant can adjust the air volume inside the booth providing a marginal advantage. Refinishing sectors, automotive manufacturing, electronics and similar applications needing a clean environment tend to prefer this variant.
A specific advantage you get from spray booth is minimizing health hazards for your workforce by protecting them from the hazardous material used in painting. Further, these booths also help avoid the potential explosion that may be triggered by various chemicals used in the painting process.

How to buy spray booths

Finish type, air quality, sizing, usage and price are the major considerations while shopping for spray booths. You are making a significant investment even at the lower end of your options. This could also drive some people towards looking at used equipment to save some initial costs. But, it helps to remember that used machinery and a used spray booth are two different propositions. In the first place, it is difficult, and you will not have the backing of manufacturer’s warranty if something, unfortunately, goes wrong. Therefore, buying a new one is always a prudent option for more reasons than one.
Finally, irrespective of your choice, you will also need to ensure correct installation to ensure that the heating system and every jet that sprays the paint are even to achieve the harmonious finish. Regular servicing by a competent professional will help you enhance productivity while earning safe profits.

How Our Waste Is Costing The Marine Life? Choose To Recycle

How Our Waste Is Costing The Marine Life? Choose To Recycle

Oceans remains some of the most significant mysteries to the human race. Other than the recreational benefits they bring to us, oceans are home to millions of lives. You might see the ocean in your country as a vast source of water, but below the surface, there are tons of living organism that need to be protected at all costs.
These water bodies are highly vulnerable to many things, but the worst of all is the human touch. We have millions of industries around the world that direct their waste into these water sources, thinking that they are driving away the waste to save the human life. This is a tradition we should fight at all costs since it’s not only making our holiday destinations hazardous, but they are contributing to the suffering of marine life at a terrifying rate.
Is there any proven statistics confirming that our waste is costing the marine life? Yes, the numbers are shocking!
According to research, over 820 species of animals are affected by ocean pollution, and the number is expected to grow even higher if we do not stop disposing our waste into the ocean.

Ocean dumping; the practice that is wiping out human civilization

There are some causes of ocean pollution including;

  • Oil Spills
  • Maritime transportation
  • Air pollution
  • Chemicals and,
  • Agricultural runoff

However, some of these causes can occur unwillingly, and we can give humans a benefit of doubt. However, think about this – factories, tankers, ships, and even residential premises are today directing all their waste to the oceans. Most of the materials disposed of contain dangerous substances including cryolite and mercury that pose a significant threat to marine life. If this is allowed to continue, then we shall have all the oceans for ourselves since no marine life will be left, and we might also bring life on earth to a sudden end since we shall also fall prey to our actions.

How exactly is our waste disposal affecting marine life?

Water pollution and how it affects marine life has become one of the most talked about topics across the world. There is a significant concern that most plants and animals are becoming extinct, not because we are consuming them at an alarming rate or poaching them for their body parts, but because we are disposing harmful waste directly into their living space, making it hard for them to reach their various life expectancies. As an experienced waste solution provider, GT Skips investigated that inappropriate waste disposal costs the marine life in the following ways.

1. Millions of sea mammals, fish, and birds die every year due to ingestion of plastic waste

Over 100 million metric tonnes of plastic are produced every year. A devastating fact is that over 10 million metric tonnes of this end up into our oceans. This doesn’t mean that the factories dispose of them there – but we do this every day through littering. At times, you will throw plastic waste into a river near you, not knowing that it will be channeled into the ocean in no time, and kill birds and mammals in their millions.
Plastics might also end up in the oceans when they are blown from a landfill. Fish, birds, and sea mammals take advantage of the free dinner – something that often results in fatal effects.

2. Chemicals from waste are killing marine life

Most of the products we use today are made of chemicals. These chemicals don’t die when we dispose of the products but creates damage, not only to the environment but also to marine life. When they get into the ocean, they are ingested by living organisms leading to death.
Some chemicals can introduce fertilizers in water which will destroy the existing nutrient systems; thus causing a massive growth of algae which contain hazardous toxins that lead to depletion of oxygen in the water, which will sooner or later result into the extinction of many sea plants and animals.

3. Acid rain introduces aluminium into oceans, destroying marine life

If you thought that acid rain only comes as a result of industries, then you are dead wrong.
Most of the products we dispose of contain fossil fuels. In case they are released into the atmosphere, the chemicals in them mix with water and form an acidic compound. This has adverse effects on the marine ecosystem. It releases a lot of aluminium into the ocean which alters the PH levels; therefore killing many organisms.
Eventually, the ecosystem becomes highly imbalanced, and even the organisms with the highest immunity become threatened.

Choose to recycle

Do you want to protect the environment? Are you willing to take a step that will save the marine life? Choose to recycle!

What is recycling?

Even before you jump into the many benefits of recycling, it is critical to for you to understand what recycling is. This is the process of converting waste into a reusable product. For example, you can buy water in plastic bottles. After you finish with them, you can take them to a water company for reuse, or you can take them to another company that produces bottles. Better still, you can use them to package other products.
When you choose to recycle, you will be saving the marine life in the following ways;

  • The chemicals and the greenhouse gases that are produced by wastes and later find their way into oceans will be reduced, which means marine life will continue thriving
  • Ocean pollution that comes as a result of improper waste disposal will be highly reduced, meaning the oxygen levels in water will not be altered. This will improve the quality of life enjoyed by sea plants and animals.
  • When you recycle your waste, you will be reducing the use of fossil fuels in the production of new products, which means less acid rain, unaltered PH levels, and blossoming marine life.

The effects our waste has on marine life are too intense, and they require more than just reading this post. You need to do something that sea organisms could thank you for if they had the opportunity. This is the best you can do;

  • Reduce the use of potentially harmful products
  • Recycle your waste
  • Collect any litter you come across
  • Keep the rivers and streams near you clean

And finally, educate everyone around you on the importance of marine life, and why carefully disposing of waste can help improve this life.