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How to decide on Spray Booth Treatments for your industry? 

How to decide on Spray Booth Treatments for your industry? 

A paint booth helps industries obtain a pristine finish for the products that can be painted in different colours. A spotless finish is important since customers will be choosy and no one wants to rework the same piece due to the time and effort consumed in the process. Therefore, it is essential that your paint booth can work at optimal efficiency and to ensure that you should have the paint booth serviced by a professional at regular intervals. Also remember that a defective paint booth can be the health hazard for you and your employees, apart from your products not receiving the desired finish. In some instances, a defective paint booth can also cause environmental hazards. Therefore, it helps to understand potential trouble spots with spray booths and be an informed customer, if you are considering installing a new spray booth.



Early warning of trouble with your spray booth

Once you have a program of routine checks at an interval of few weeks, you can avoid many of the problems without shutting down the spray booth for several days for spray booth maintenance. The following are among the early warning signs outside your spray booth itself:-

When you notice one or more of these signs, the first thing to check out is the ventilation around the system. Fumes and toxic vapours from the spray booth can be the underlying cause of the problems listed above.

Uneven or improper finishing
If you notice the drying cycles taking longer time or the final few coats of paint sprayed showing contamination with dirt or debris or running off, that is the first sign of trouble inside the booth needing the service of a professional.

Harmonious functioning
You can ensure optimal productivity from the spray booth when it is fully harmonized with every component. Malfunctioning even one component can result in complete breakdown or poor finishing. The following areas should receive your attention every day to ensure this.

  • Ensure proper sealing of the booth to prevent dangerous vapours and fumes escaping and affecting the environment as well as people around.
  • Check the calibration and function of all equipment starting with the jets to the computerized functions.
  • Check the filters and ensure that they are clean every day
  • Ensure effective air circulation and airflow

Why the filters are important

One of the major causes of improper functioning of your spray booth is clogged filters. If you inspect the filters at regular intervals, potentially, you will save time and money, apart from expensive repairs and downtime.

Rely on the professionals

You now have a broad idea of the functioning of your spray booth, and it is always desirable to rely on the services of professionals whenever you notice trouble spots that are beyond simple cleaning and tidying up. Ignoring minor trouble or trying to fix things up with in-house resources can be the invitation to more serious problems that could inconvenience you and your customers. When a professional takes charge, he/she can warn you of any impending problem so that you can take necessary steps without causing inconvenience to your customers.
Now, we move on to get a close-up view of spray booths and how you choose one for your industry.

The role of spray booths in modern-day manufacturing

Spray booths have significantly contributed to modern day manufacturing helping cost-effective production. These boots are designed in a way that they can accommodate products of varying sizes from very small components to semi trucks and large assembly lines as well as intricate furniture. While helping businesses to streamline production, spray booths also ensure the safety of employees and the environment around the workspace, control over contamination, hazardous material spilling over and many other associated health issues.

Classification of spray booths

Generally, spray booths are offered in 3 distinct configurations with each of them created to cater to specific applications. Booths with an open face, a back wall and two side walls with a ceiling for exhaust is a popular variant when you are focusing on furniture finishing, woodworking or a range of smaller components. Another variant is the non-pressurized booths which are closed completely with multiple or single door to accommodate varying sizes of material needing finishing. This variant comes in handy for metal work, automotive finishing, fibreglass and similar applications. The next variant is pressurized booths which are similar to a non-pressurized variant in terms of shape and size. But, this variant can adjust the air volume inside the booth providing a marginal advantage. Refinishing sectors, automotive manufacturing, electronics and similar applications needing a clean environment tend to prefer this variant.
A specific advantage you get from spray booth is minimizing health hazards for your workforce by protecting them from the hazardous material used in painting. Further, these booths also help avoid the potential explosion that may be triggered by various chemicals used in the painting process.

How to buy spray booths

Finish type, air quality, sizing, usage and price are the major considerations while shopping for spray booths. You are making a significant investment even at the lower end of your options. This could also drive some people towards looking at used equipment to save some initial costs. But, it helps to remember that used machinery and a used spray booth are two different propositions. In the first place, it is difficult, and you will not have the backing of manufacturer’s warranty if something, unfortunately, goes wrong. Therefore, buying a new one is always a prudent option for more reasons than one.
Finally, irrespective of your choice, you will also need to ensure correct installation to ensure that the heating system and every jet that sprays the paint are even to achieve the harmonious finish. Regular servicing by a competent professional will help you enhance productivity while earning safe profits.